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We develop communication skills by focusing on vocabulary, sentence structures and pronunciation. We solidify learning through unit reviews and quizzes.
Oxford Speak Now 1

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions.

  • Can understand frequently used expressions about areas familiar to the speaker.

  • Can use common phrases and participate in basic dialogues.

Oxford Speak Now 2

Understand basic English concept.

Can hold simple conversations.

  • Can understand frequently used expressions about areas familiar to the speaker.

  • Can make use of common phrases and have basic conversations.

  • Can communicate effectively in simple and routine situations.

Oxford Speak Now 3

Can interact with English speakers on familiar topics.

  • Can understand the main points of a conversation relating to topics such as work, school or leisure.

  • Can deal with most situations likely to come up whilst travelling.

  • Can briefly explain one’s opinions and plans.

Oxford Speak Now 4

Can work in an English-speaking environment.

  • Can understand both the tangible and abstract concepts of complex articles.

  • Can interact with native speakers without much interference.

  • Can analyze and express ideas on a broad range of topics or issues.


Key Elements of Speak NOW Empowering You to Speak with Confidence

  • Structured Oral Teaching

    • Learn English through interactions in different situations - no need to memorize grammar

    • Comprehensive learning with a focus on listening, pronunciation, vocabulary and situational grammar

  • Progressive Theme-based Curriculum

    • Clear learning objectives for each unit

    • Step by step, easy to understand

    • Applicable in everyday life

  • Tailor-made Learning

    • 1-on-1 teaching

    • Patented Al matching technology

  • Oxford University Press

    • One of the top schools worldwide

    • The largest publisher with a rich history

  • Oxford Placement Test

    • The most accurate English proficiency test

    • Benchmarking against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Build Speaking Confidence with
Well-designed Materials

Clear Learning Objectives

Clear Learning Objectives

In line with the CEFR framework and learning with clear objectives

A Range of Vocabulary

A Range of Vocabulary

Enabling you to learn multiple types of vocabulary and expressions

Useful Dialogue Practice

Useful Dialogue Practice

Covering real-life scenarios in dialogue practice activities

Can be Put into Practice

Can be Put into Practice

Practice activities and language points apply to real-life situations

Listening Practice

Listening Practice

Listening exercises are combined with role-play speaking activities to practice authentic interactions

Intonation & Pronunciation

Intonation & Pronunciation

A strong focus on the finer details of intonation and pronunciation to sharpening both oral and listening skills.

Building a Speaking Confidence

Building a Speaking Confidence

Enabling you to speak English more naturally and communicate effectively

International Levelling Standards

International Levelling Standards

Learning outcomes are based on the CEFR scale

Aligned with Multiple International Levelling Systems

Beginner Level
Elementary Level
Intermediate Level
Upper-intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4
Lvl 5
Lvl 6
Lvl 7
Lvl 8
Lvl 9
Lvl 10
Lvl 11
Lvl 12
Cambridge Business English
Speak Now
Speak Now 1
Speak Now 2
Speak Now 3
Speak Now 4



Curious about Your English Proficiency?

Buy the Oxford Speak Now Course and Get an Oxford Online Placement Test for Free

Oxford Online Placement Test(OOPT)

Oxford Official English Online Placement Test (OOPT), which is designed by the Oxford University Press. The test results are compared to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and include listening and reading assessments. Learners can view their test results immediately to help them better understand their English proficiency.

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