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is to help everyone master English.

TutorABC offers live online interactive English instruction, customized vocabulary and sessions by professional consultants, as well as a tailored monitoring system, all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Online conversation and business English sessions will help you improve your English and speak more naturally.

Company Milestones

  • ·iTutorGroup is founded and releases their online learning platform.

  • ·TutorABC receives two awards from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • ·TutorABC sets up global operations and teaching center and scales up teaching resources.

  • ·TutorABC is granted a patent on the DCGS (Dynamic Course Generation System), which also received ISO 9001 international quality certification.

  • ·CloudMeet Interactive System is awarded IT Month's Outstanding I.T.Applications/Products Award.

  • ·CEO Dr. Eric Yang recieves award from President Ma Ying Jeou as an outstanding individual in information technology.

  • ·TutorABCJr English learning platform is established.

  • ·TutorMing Chinese learning platform is established.

  • ·NTUtorMing is established in cooperation with National Taiwan University, creating a precedent for corporate-academic cooperation.

  • ·vipabc English learning platform is established.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named the year's "Enterprise with Most Growth Potential" by APEC Chinese Enterprise Valuation Panel.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named a "Top 10 Brand of Foreign Language Training" by NetEase.

  • ·CloudMeet Interactive System is awarded Outstanding I.T.Applications/Products Award.

  • ·CEO Dr. Eric Yang is invited as special guest to the cross-strait Leader Summit.

  • ·CEO Dr. Eric Yang is invited as a special guest to the 60th anniversary forum of the RenMin University of China School of Business.

  • ·24/7 all year round live online English interactive learning system begins.

  • ·TutorABC begins offering free English sessions online, setting a new pattern of learning.

  • ·TutorKTV online entertainment and TutorYOGA global private yoga learning platforms are established.

  • ·iTutorGroup Holding Company is established.

  • ·TutorMobile is released for mobile devices, beginning a new era of mobile learning.

  • ·Global cloud operation center is founded.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named a "2011 Top 10 Web-based Educational Institution" as well as "Most Well-Known Foreign Language Educational Institution" by Sina.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named a "Top 10 Chinese remote education brand" and "Top 20 Chinese foreign language training institution" by Sohu.com.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named a "Top 10 influential Foreign Language Education Institution" by XinhuaNet.

  • ·iTutorGroup is a recipient of Red Herring's 2012 Top 100 Global award.

  • ·iTutorGroup is a recipient of Red Herring's 2012 Top 100 Asia award.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named "The most Recognized Online Education Institution of 2012" at the Sina China Education Ceremony.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named "China's Most Valuable Brand in Online Education" at the Tencent Annual Educational Grand Ceremony.

  • ·iTutorGroup receives funding of USD$15 million.

  • ·TutorABC is awarded IT Month's Top 100 Innovative Products Award.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named "Most influential foreign language brand of the decade" by QQ.com.

  • ·iTutorGroup is named "Most influential education institution of the decade" by QQ.com.

  • ·iTutorGroup signs a collaborative agreement with international basketball superstar Yao Ming as spokesperson of iTutorGroup.

  • ·iTutorGroup receives series B funding of nearly USD$100 million.

  • ·iTutorGroup receives funding from SBI group.

  • ·iTutorGroup receives series C funding of nearly USD$200 million

  • ·The only ones in Asia: The sibling cofounders of iTutorGroup are listed in the "Global Top 100 Intriguing Enterpreneurs" by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

  • ·CEO of iTutorGroup Dr. Eric Yang is selected by HotTopics as one of 2015's Most Influential Edtech Leaders (HT EdTech 100).

  • ·iTutorGroup is honored to receive the China Best Employer Award of 2014.

  • ·TutorGlass, live situational learning system, is awarded IT Month's Top 100 Innovators award.

  • ·TutorABC announces implementation of four-month parental leave and flextime.

  • ·Acclaimed musician Shujun Huang is appointed as Group Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Platform Business of iTutorGroup.

  • ·Johnathan Chan has been appointed as General Counsel of iTutorGroup, responsible for legal and contract affairs, as well as risk management.

  • ·TutorABC is recognized as a Distinguished Business Entity in 2016 by the Bureau of Taxation, Ministry of Finance

  • ·iTutorGroup renews cooperation with Yao Ming, and announces a new slogan “Speak up. The world is listening."

  • ·Internationally renowned forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee joins iTutorGroup as global brand ambassador.

  • DCGS R&D center
  • Shanghai Headquarters
  • Taipei
  • Shanghai Headquarters
DCGS R&D center
Shanghai Headquarters
Shanghai Headquarters

Commonly asked questions

  • 1. “How can I learn English without any foundation?"
    When studying at TutorABC, both the system and a consultant will evaluate your English proficiency level before you begin. Based on your skills, we will customize a study plan for you. For clients without any English background, we will provide dual-language consultants to develop your interest in learning English and help you improve in an authentic English environment.
    2. "How are the sessions set up?"
    Our sessions are personalized to fit your needs. TutorABC's own DCGS uses your English proficiency, hobbies, and needs to find materials, classmates, and consultants best suited for your needs. The system will also record your learning progress and adjust your study plan so the next session is even more customized.
  • 3. “How can I prepare for the sessions?”
    You just need to have an electronic device (such as computer, tablet, or cellphone), a set of earphones with built-in microphone, and stable internet connection to begin your session. You can preview the materials for the session before it begins. The consultant will be available 3 minutes before the session starts.
    4. "I find that I can read English but cannot speak it well. How can I solve this problem?"
    If you use the logic of your mother tongue to learn English, it will be difficult to speak fluently. You need to learn English using English logic. TutorABC provides you with an all-English environment 24 hours a day, and helps you improve your four fundamental language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). After you make a habit of learning English in this enviornment, you will be able to speak English naturally.

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